Festival, Award, Prize and golf Donors

There are multiple ways to support the Cherry Blossom Festival! We thank all of our generous donors for their contributions in perpetuating the Cherry Blossom Festival.

  • Festival donor contributions directly impact our Queen Contestant's experience by supporting the advancement of the Festival.
  • Award donors contribute cash towards an award provided by the Festival. This is similar to typical underwriting sponsorship.
  • Prize donors donate a physical item to be awarded to contestants or to the Queen/and or Court. Award and Prize donors names are also listed on the Award page.
  • Golf donors contribute to the Festival's golf tournament through sponsorship or purchase of a Queen's package team.

Kawazu Zakura
Level 4 ($800 and higher)

The Kawazu Zakura trees bloom in early spring. The flowers’ outstanding characteristic is that they are large and pink. The trees are brilliant when they are in peak blooming season. Kawazu-cho in the Izu Peninsula is the birth place of the Kawazu Zakura, where there is a street lined with Kawazu Zakura trees.

  • Dr. Tom Kosasa & Mi Kosasa, 24th CBF Queen
  • Tommy Lam - Kempo Unlimited Hawaii
  • Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce
  • Brooke Hasegawa, 53rd CBF Queen
  • A Place for Healing and Wellness by Dr. Raymond Yoza
  • Trisha Akagi, 56th CBF Queen; Katherine M. Grebe, 18th CBF Queen; Kara Iwasaki, 54th CBF Princess & 64th CBF Co-General Chair; Laurie Toma Libarios, 43rd CBF Queen; Desiree Uyeda, 54th CBF Queen & 64th CBF Co-General Chair
  • Meadow Gold Dairies
  • Laurence Omura
  • Watanabe Floral, Inc.
  • Lillian Noda Yajima
  • Hawaii Pacific Press
  • Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce
  • Derek Sasano
  • Dale & Lawton Nakata and Richelle Nakata Cardwell, 55th CBF Queen & Miss Congeniality
  • Rainbow Drive-In

Level 3 ($500 - $799)

Each blossom of the Yaezakura is big and has layers of beautiful petals. Yaezakura trees bloom from mid-April through late April. At the Tourinuke-no-sakura (cherry blossom tunnel) Garden, you can enjoy 500 Yaezakura trees that are lined up along for about 2 miles.

  • Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii
  • Country Samurai Coffee Company
  • Lori Higashi, 61st CBF First Princess & Family
  • Neil Kuioka, 64th HJJCC President and Tiffany Mitani, 54th CBF 1st Princess and 62nd CBF General Chair
  • David Kaneko, 59th HJJCC President & 56th CBF General Chair
  • Holly Hayashi, 61st CBF General Chair
  • Gina Maeda, 57th CBF Princess
weeping (2).jpg

Level 2 ($200 - $499)

The Shidarezakura (weeping cherry) blossoms bloom on drooping branches from late March through mid-April. Some trees in Japan are several hundred years old. The Minobusan Kuonji Temple in Yamanasahi Prefecture has a huge Shidarezakura which is 50 feet tall, 16 feet wide and about 400 years old.

  • Margie’s Jewelers
  • Christin Lovell, 55th CBF Princess & 63rd CBF Co-General Chair; Tiffanie Matsutani, 55th CBF Princess & 63rd CBF Co-General Chair; Erin Shiroma, 60th CBF Contestant
  • 48th Cherry Blossom Court
  • Corday A. Feagins, 43rd CBF Miss Congeniality & 57th CBF General Chair
  • Edmund Wong, 42nd HJJCC President
  • Jonathan Murai, 57th HJJCC President, Tiffany Mitani, 54th 1st Princess and 62nd General Chair and Sydette Higuchi, 60th General Chair and 67th HJJCC President
  • Eric Nishioka
  • Layne and Evelyn Machida
  • Steven Kaneko, 55th HJJCC President
  • Brenda Nomura, 54th CBF Co-General Chair; Darren Ota 61st HJJCC President, 54th CBF Co-General Chair & 60th CBF General Chair
somei yoshino.jpg

Somei Yoshino
Level 1 ($50 - $199)

The Somei Yoshino (Yoshino cherry) is a pale pink flower and blooms in early April. The Yoshino cherry is one of the most popular cherry trees in Japan and is grown across Japan. When the tree is planted, blooms are especially gorgeously between the ages of 20 to 40.

  • 58th Cherry Blossom Court
  • Alan Okimoto, 45th CBF General Chair
  • Michael Matsuo, 42nd CBF General Chair
  • Sakura Hawaii Alumnae
  • Alexis Okihara, 64th CBF Queen
  • Lenny Yajima, 34th CBF Queen & 40th CBF General Chair
  • Nate Gyotoku, 63rd HJJCC President
  • Sandy Parilla, 53rd CBF Co-General Chair; Robb Taone, 52nd HJJCC President & 53rd CBF Co-General Chair
  • Kris Miyamoto Esteban, 60th HJJCC President
  • Kirk Tengan, 49th HJJCC President
  • Ross Kohara & Lara Karamatsu
  • Russell Iwamura, 45th HJJCC President & 46th CBF General Chair
  • Wayne Yagi, 37th HJJCC President
  • Nippon Golden Network
  • Sharene Urakami, 53rd HJJCC President, 49th CBF Co-General Chair, 50th CBF General Chair & 43rd CBF Princess
  • Ashley Higa, 61st CBF Miss Popularity and Family
  • Devon Nekoba, 54th HJJCC President
  • Eryn Kawamoto, 61st CBF Miss Congeniality
  • Staci Yoshihara, 62nd HJJCC President
  • Kaimuki Dry Goods, Ltd.
  • Wedge Lee

cbf golf tournament sponsors

  • First Hawaiian Bank
  • Fujiyasu Kimono Company
  • Island Insurance
  • Japan Airlines (JAL)
  • Kyoya
  • KZOO Radio
  • Obun
  • Pam Futa-Campbell
  • Watabe Wedding Corp.
  • Pomaikai Ballrooms
  • First Insurance Company
  • Tori Richard
  • Kirin
  • Gyotaku Restaurant
  • Images by Steven
  • Gyotaku by Naoki
  • JTB
  • Shiseido
  • Hawaii Air Cargo

cbf golf tournament Queen's teams

  • Wes Yamamoto and Raymond James
  • Mark Shimabukuro
  • Switchgear & Power Services LLC
  • Advantage Insurance Services, Inc.
  • Noguchi & Associates
  • MFS Freight Services LLC
  • Ronald N.S. Ho & Associates
  • The Plaza Club
  • Kitagawa Dermatology, LLC
  • Jayar Construction
  • Finance Factors
  • PSH Insurance
  • Laura's Camelot
  • State Farm Agent, Derek Sayegusa
  • Grace Pacific LLC